About us

Cybertronics Ltd consults and provides solutions to various types of businesses and corporations. Based in Kurdistan, we have years of experience and a understanding of the region.

We are looking to help evolve the infomation technology infrastructure and help the region develop.

We combine our professional expertise acquired in a developed country with the advantage of using a labor force in an emerging nation to give you the best possible solution.

Company Core Values

  • 1.

    Our Vision

    We want to be one of the leading IT Consultants in infomation technology in Erbil, Kurdistan specialising in customised software development.

  • 2.

    Our Mission

    We handle networking and communications, Internet service solutions, In-house software development, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), smartphone applications, website design and business branding.

  • 3.

    Our Philosophy

    We want to be reliable IT consultants providing the highest customer satisfaction, alongside premium service and the most affordable rate.