Website HTML CSS Design


We design and develop websites based on the client's needs. We have various options available to suit the needs of any business. We can provide custom designs and layouts with robust database driven engines or a simple informational website that displays hours, locations and contact info. We have also developed various business packages that are designed for start ups and businesses that are on a tight budget. However, whatever your needs are we can help.

Development techniques:
- CSS3
- Javascript
- jQuery
- Responsive Designs
- Model/View/Controller design practise

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Smartphone Application IOS Android


We are dedicated to creating the highest quality software for the Android and IOS platforms. We know what users want, and we know how to build mobile apps that succeed. Users demand their commerce apps to be easy to use, fast, and beautiful. Regardless of the platform, they all result in increased revenue for your business. When you build mobile apps like that, you give a strong impression to your consumers about your business.

Our work will give results whether its a Game, App or customised specifically for your business, rest assure that we will understand everything to do with your requirements and will consult with you through out to ensure that the application fits your exact specification.

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Enterprise resource planning


Our technicians can create various types of Desktop and Web applications in various platforms. This enables us to assess the clients work environment and deduce appropriate, efficient and ideal solutions to enable the business ease of access in their work process. Our representatives are professionals in being able to assess exactly what system your business requires if you are not sure or have any idea. In some cases unique customer applications will be designs and created to serve your business specifically. Your database can be kept online in the cloud or on an offline local server giving you flexibility even if Internet access is an issue.

• Point of Sales System (POS)
• Accounting System
• Pharmacy Systems
• Hotel System
• Clinic Systems
• Hospital System
• Restaurant Systems
• Academic Administration System
• Chain business system

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Business Branding Poster Business Card Logo Letterhead


Brands. Do you need help creating, strengthening and managing your brand? You need to stay ahead of your competitors, by investing and managing your brand to optimism your business, which in return will increase its intrinsic value. Proper branding can keep your business at the top-of-mind for your current and potential customers. In a world that is constantly changing, staying ahead of competition is tricky unless your company has a bespoke design that really can impact your business’s integrity.

We provide you with unique designs from the ground up which is professional clean cut giving your business its identity. We provide you with a spectrum of options in the design phase; this keeps you engaged through out the whole process. Whether it is a Logo, Brochure, Poster, Website or Business Card, we can do it all!

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Cloud and Networking

Cloud & Net

In the last 20 years the world has changed. The Internet has become the norm to communication in the world we are living in. By assessing your budget, location, environment, building, feasibility of installation, data usage and coherency towards your business, we will provide you with the best Networking solution. Not only that, we will proceed to cater for your building providing you with the necessary equipment and installation/configuration needed to ensure connectivity on all ranges.

We will cable up the entire building and implement interfaces such as routers, switches, wireless repeaters and other required hardware to make sure that connectivity to the rest of the world is not a issue.

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